The Miracle Side Hustle Guide

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The Miracle Side Hustle Guide

7 ratings

This document gives you the steps to quickly and passively make extra cash in just one weekend.

Let me explain. We are in the age of the decentralization of education. The internet makes it incredibly easy to reach thousands and possibly millions of people. Learning how to play the guitar? There’s a YouTube video for that. Want to become a software engineer? Try an online course. Looking to understand personal finance? There’s an ebook for that.

Micro-learning and creator-driven courses are the future of education. Think about what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about--you can easily do what I did and passively make thousands of dollars a year creating a guide and teaching others.

Now you might be asking yourself: how does that work? And it's simple. You write a guide about whatever you are an expert in, you create a simple landing page, you promote it, you make money. It's literally that simple.

A lot of side hustles are super time consuming, or cost a lot of money to set up, or require skills that take a long time to learn--and this is completely against the point of a side hustle. The point of a side hustle is to make money quickly and painlessly. You might be working a full-time job, or studying in school, or caring for your kids--you don't have a ton of time to dedicate to a side hustle--and nor should you.

WAIT... This is a how-to guide for how to sell how-to guides?

Yes! You don't have to spend a ton of time learning any fancy new skills, or put five-hundred, a thousand, ten thousand dollars towards getting your side hustle off the ground. My guide will show you that in one weekend you can start earning passive income. Did I mention this lucrative side hustle only takes one weekend?

What exactly are you buying?
When you purchase this you will receive a PDF that contains:

  • A proven strategy for picking a how-to guide topic that people are willing to pay for
  • Advice for how to write and structure your document
  • A template for writing a kickass and effective landing page
  • Tactics and tricks to get your landing page seen by thousands and thousands of highly-targeted potential customers
  • DOs and DON'Ts that I've learned along the way

Now, why should you learn from me? A few years ago I was an aspiring data scientist and I was struggling to get my first data science job. Once I was in the industry, I noticed other aspiring data scientists struggling in the same ways and making the same mistakes I did, so I ended up writing a guide for how to get a job in data science. Using the same techniques I outline in this ebook, I made thousands of dollars in passive income with my data science guide. Not only that, I was approached by a buyer to purchase the rights to my data science guide who ended up paying me thousands for the rights to my ebook.

Pricing started at $9. From now on, for every 100 copies sold, the price will increase $10.

  • SOLD: 20 copies @ $9
  • SOLD: 20 copies @ $19
  • SOLD: 100s of copies @ $29
I want this!
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